All members of the teaching staff can be contacted during school hours through the Student Centre or the College email address.

Principal: Ms Lucie Farrugia
Executive Assistant: Mrs Sallyann Guthrie
(02) 8838 1219

Deputy Principal: Mrs Marie Wood
Executive Assistant: Mrs Nicole Arkell
(02) 8838 1277

Director of Business Services: Mr Michael Cuzic

Director of Identity: Mrs Gabrielle Scanlon

Director of Teaching and Learning : Mrs Louise Millar
(02) 8838 1202
Executive Assistant: Mrs Rebecca Purser
(02) 8838 1232

Director of Student Wellbeing: Ms Ann-Marie Herd
Barbara McDonough Student Centre (02) 8838 1213

Director of People & Culture: Mrs Kathleen Polo

Director of Innovation & Partnerships: Mr Matthew Esterman

Marketing Officer: Mrs Allison McNally

Development Officer: Mrs Susan Giacomelli

Enrolments Officer: Mrs Julie McIntyre

Senior College Counsellor: Sandra Portela

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