The formation of students is central to a Mercy education. Mercy values and Catholic identity underpin how we speak and act in our Community.

    We are committed to:
  • the Mercy formation of students who resolve to ‘be good today, but better tomorrow’
  • challenging students to make a positive difference to society, through their actions and contributions
  • wellbeing programs which develop self-determined students who model a growth mindset, and are resilient, optimistic and faith-filled
  • enriching academic and co-curricular offerings to challenge and engage students

We strive for excellence across both curricular and co-curricular educational opportunities.

Our students are challenged through rich learning experiences, which support them to grow, accounting for their individual starting points.

    We are committed to:
  • providing exceptional learning opportunities for all students
  • the continuous improvement of academic standards through course revision, refinement of assessment, reporting and feedback mechanisms, and through provision of inclusive, bespoke programs
  • developing organisational structures and processes which enable improved learning progressions, and an emphasis on transition across all stages
  • developing strategic partnerships to enhance student learning experiences

Our culture is shaped by a vibrant staff who recognise opportunities for growth and continuously strive to improve their individual and collective performance.

    We are committed to:
  • developing employees who are outwardly focused in their pursuit of professional growth
  • supporting employees to harness innovation to drive improvement
  • enabling employees to connect and learn anywhere and anytime because they value collaboration and life-long learning
  • being an employer of choice, attracting and retaining teachers who are leaders in their field

We value a highly engaged community aligned to Mercy values. Members of our community are dedicated, collaborative and supportive partners.

    We are committed to:
  • a successful scholarship program providing opportunities for accessibility and inclusivity across the College population
  • lifelong relationships with students, staff and families through diverse programs and events which enable engagement with all sections of the College community and alumnae
  • providing alumnae with ongoing opportunities for coaching and mentoring of students to become confident globally minded future leaders
  • sustaining and deepening our Mercy ministry through a positive relationship with the Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta

Responsible stewardship will support growth and long-term financial viability. We will invest in people, programs, facilities and green initiatives in a fiscally responsible manner.

    We are committed to:
  • the utilisation of flexible learning and gathering spaces to enhance engagement and learning opportunities for students and community now and into the future
  • the ongoing stewardship of our campus through the Master Plan 2020-2028
  • ensuring a sustainable future by strong financial oversight, including prudent management of income expenditure
  • effective utilisation of resources to maintain a level of best practice in business operations
  • providing a risk management framework which allows the College to identify and categorise risks and monitor the mitigating strategies