Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

OLMC firmly believes that a positive approach to learning, a nurturing environment and quality relationships both in and out of school improves student performance.

Pastoral Care is therefore a major focus at the College and is an integrated process of education and skill building that is:

  • based on relationships and affirmation
  • supportive and celebratory
  • preventative and esteem building.

Pastoral Care Facilities

Barbara McDonough Student Centre & pastoral facilities

The College has a dedicated student centre featuring facilities and staff focused on delivering pastoral services to students.

The Barbara McDonough Student Centre features student reception, sick bay, purpose built counselling offices and Learning Enrichment rooms. The office of the Director of Pastoral Care is also based at the Student Centre.

Other pastoral facilities include the historic Mother Mary Clare Dunphy Chapel, the Year 12 common room (a flexible, modern space for Year 12s which opens directly onto a paved outside area), the modern Canteen, playground areas and other local facilities such as St Patrick’s Cathedral (where Mercy Day mass is celebrated) and tranquil surrounding parks.


OLMC has on staff two counsellors with extensive experience supporting adolescents in schools who provide confidential counselling support to students. Both counsellors are trained psychologists registered with the National Psychology Board of Australia and are integral members of the OLMC Pastoral Care team.