Our Lady of Mercy College | Catholic Independent Girls School Parramatta

College hosts Biggest Ever Open Morning Tour

On Monday November 14, the College hosted a record breaking College Open Morning Tour - welcoming the most ever visitors we have hosted in one tour!

Visitors heard from Principal Stephen Walsh, Sister Mary Louise Petro (newly appointed Congregation Leader of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta) and two Year 7 Mercy Girls, about their experience of their first year at high school at OLMC in 2016.

Open Morning Tours are held throughout the year for prospective families. Click here for more information about the tours.

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"Mercy …not only bestows benefits, but receives and pardons again and again…"

Catherine McAuley

Mercy is defined as empathy or love that manifests itself in action that is practical and thoughtful, warm and open, respectful and enabling.


"Let charity then be our badge of honour…so that it may truly be said, there is in us but one heart and one soul in God."

Catherine McAuley

Compassion is a non-judgmental understanding of another’s need, which results in unselfish giving to meet that need.


"Never speak with contempt of any nation, profession, or class of people…"

Catherine McAuley

Justice is the treatment of each person with fairness in relation to the equality of all, and the maintenance of a balanced and fair relationship with self and all members of the community.


"Now and again bestow some praise."

Catherine McAuley

Dignity is the treatment of each person with respect and the recognition of their inherent value and worth.


"There is nothing of greater importance than the perfect discharge of our ordinary duties."

Catherine McAuley

Excellence is the state of achievement of the highest possible standards.


"The proof of love is deed."

Catherine McAuley

Hospitality is the creation of a welcoming, open, inclusive and respectful environment for all individuals, through word and deed.


"We can never say 'It is enough'."

Catherine McAuley

Stewardship is the grateful and responsible celebration of the sacred gifts God has given us to do the work he is calling us to do.


"If we are humble and sincere God will finish in us the work he has begun."

Catherine McAuley

Service is the exercising and ministry of leadership in order to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.